The Winning Strategy

By: Zach Collins

And the next Head Men’s Basketball Coach at the University of Kentucky is… Mark Pope? One of the most anticipated coaching searches in recent history, at one of the greatest traditions in modern college sports, ended with a choice that few knew and even less expected. In fairness, Mark Pope may end up being one of the greatest coaches to ever grace the sidelines of Rupp Arena. Only time will reveal. However, this coaching search was unlike any other in recent memory. You saw the fan craze. Every person, with an ounce of sports admiration and acclamation, gave their two cents on who should and who would be hired. Others posted screenshots of flight trackers, owned by those whom they called “super-boosters”, and their flight plans. They gave assumptions and speculations about their intended destinations and the meetings that may, or may not, be taking place. As a result of a bizarre course of events, one Mexican Restaurant in Waco, Texas, received thousands of phone calls and five-star reviews from individuals who had never visited nor frequented their establishment. It was quite the spectacle of sports insanity. As the previous coach used to say, “You people are crazy.” 

These past six days, in the state of Kentucky, felt like six years. For a moment, time paused as fans from Pikeville to Paducah eagerly awaited one announcement. The administration had a winning strategy and soon the fanbase was full of insanity, eagerly anticipating what individual would be hired to lead their fanbase. Soon, the moment all anticipated came and passed. Yet, in these situations, we are provided with a helpful reminder of the lure that worldly pursuits can have in our lives and how, quite often, the meaningless takes precedence over the meaningful.

How could our spiritual life experience more meaningful transformation if we simply gave God the same attention we gave a meaningless coaching search as of late?

We would examine God’s reputation more carefully. Every list comprised, from media outlets to fans, was built on reputation. What has this man accomplished in the past? In examining the resume of each candidate, some were determining whether this coach’s qualifications were worthy of their admiration. God’s reputation is impeccable. He is the Creator of the universe. He is a keeper of His promises. He is a winner of souls and has never lost a battle to the foe. His accomplishments far exceed any other candidate who is competing for our admiration. 

We would exert our energy more freely for Godly pursuits. The energy introduced when a new coach comes to town is, often, incomparable in sports. You feel excitement and uncertainty all at once. The anticipation of the journey is overwhelming and, hopefully, the accomplishments will soon follow. Do you realize this important truth? Discipleship is a journey that is never walked alone. It is filled with the highs and lows of this uncertain world. To experience the reward of expending all your energy in the work of the Lord is, truly, incomparable. 

We would give our finances more willingly to Godly pursuits. If needed, some of the most influential boosters at this institution would send a BRINKS truck to any coach in the country they desired to hire. Money was never an issue in this coaching search. If the coach would invest their talent into the school, they would invest their money into the coach. Can I provide you with a fool-proof investment strategy that will always pay dividends in your life? Give cheerfully, willingly, and abundantly to God. He has invested in you. Will you invest in His pursuits? 

Since I was a child, I have bled Kentucky blue. Kentucky basketball has always been a good thing in my life. However, let us never allow this “good thing” to become the “only thing” we pursue. Let us pursue godliness, the only winning strategy.