Remember Me, Lord

By: Zach Collins

The Thief on the Cross

It is one of the most recognizable names in the Bible. Yet, the popularity of his name does not always equate familiarity with his life. In fact, we know little to nothing about this famous bible character. We do not know what this man stole or from whom he stole it. We do know not if this man had a wife or family. We do not even know this man’s name. What made him a “thief?” Did anyone mourn his death? The answers to these questions belong to God and God, alone. 

We will never remember the “thief” for what we do not know, which brought him to the cross. We will remember the “thief” for what we do know, his greatest moment on the cross. 

Then he said to Jesus, “Lord, remember me when You come into Your kingdom.” Luke 23:42

Praise God that He does not remember us for our worst moments.

What if David was only remembered as an adulterer and murderer?

What if Peter was only remembered as a denier?

What if Paul was only remembered as a persecutor?

What if “The Thief on the Cross” was only remembered as a robber?

Not every victim who died the death of crucifixion had the power to save themselves and others from this atrocious death. Only one, Jesus Christ. As the “thief” watched Jesus die on the cross, destined to die the same death of crucifixion himself, his heart was enraptured with this same declaration of comfort; Jesus, and only Jesus, could still save his soul. Though the “thief” began as a reviler of Christ (c.f., Matthew 27:44), in surveying Christ on His cross, he chose to be a believer in Christ (c.f., Luke 23:43). 

The “Thief on the Cross” brings to our hearts an important truth. I could be the most well-known person to ever live, but if I die as a reviler of Christ and not a believer in Christ, I will be forgotten by the One who matters the most, Jesus Christ. All that mattered to him was that he was remembered by Jesus. Though a man might remember him for his sin as a “thief”, even still today, God doesn’t. God remembered him for his best moment, not his worst moment.

Praise God that He does not remember us for our worst moments.