Six Lessons from Noah

By: Zach Collins

What can the church learn from Noah?  

1.     Never miss the boat. Noah and his great-grandfather, Enoch, preached righteousness. God gave the people time, the message, the boat, and the hope. Many still missed the boat. 

2.     Always prepare for the storm. Noah built the ark before it rained. It might not be raining today, but the storm is coming. Have you prepared for the storm?  

3.     Always stay fit. At the age of 500, Noah was given a new work. Stay healthy and fit in your old age. God might just give you a new work. 

4.     Never listen to destructive critics. Noah was ridiculed, insulted, and mocked for his faith in God. Yet, Noah never listened and, by faith, continued until his work was done. 

5.     Always remember the Ark was built by an amateur, not a professional. While the Titanic sank after incurring a small obstacle, the Ark floated on the waves of faith and navigated the greatest storm in the history of the world. 

6.     There is always a rainbow. No matter what storm you navigate in life, if God is in your boat, a rainbow awaits as a reminder that there are brighter days ahead. 

In many ways, the ark is an antitype of His church. If not for the storm occurring outside, the stench inside would be unbearable. As imperfect people on this side of Heaven, God has given us warning, and by working through our weaknesses, He is able to bring about His purposes. 

The Door of the Ark is open until God chooses to close the Door (c.f., Genesis 7:16; John 10:9). He pleads with you. Do not miss the boat.

October 24th, 2023