Bible Class – The Fundamentals of Course – 4-1-2020


  1. God brought me to Paintsvillie Church for a reason, to save my soul. I prayed and prayed for about 20 years for this Revelation. It was no accident, God heard my continues prayer and answered it. How does a S.F. City girl end up in the hills of Kentucky? It’s because I never stopped asking. And my prayers were answered. I was a depressed person who wanted to die, and now I have the courage Zach was talking about, which is why I fear nothing this planet dishes out. It doesn’t mean I don’t use common sense, it means I get my common sense from God’s Word and nothing else supersedes it. This is the courage that was spoken of tonight. I depend on God’s word and His Word alone which gives me the courage to do what is right according to the Bible. What a great gift, eternity with the one who created us in HIS Image. Thank you Jesus for dying for our sins even though we did nothing to earn it,except to believe in HIS SON. What a gift. There is nothing on this planet Iwould trade for.

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